Admin Intranet

    MindTouch as an Intranet

    MindTouch is often used to build powerful intranets by creating new applications and adding a social layer to existing systems and applications. With this platform you have the tools necessary to build your own intranet or you can contact us about prebuilt Social Intranet Solution , which includes capabilites not included in our downloads. 

    What makes a great intranet?

    A great intranet is scalable, extensible, and easy to use. It connects projects, dashboards, content, and teams into a vibrant, real-time information fabric. Common tools found in intranets are project management tools, corporate initiatives management tools, and dashboarding capabilities to connect your data silos. 

    Project Management

    Take control of your project management by creating meeting notes and requirement documents. Attach deliverables to project pages, and stop digging through emails for your project information. Use permissioning to make sure the right people have access to the right projects.

    From our app catalog, you can download lightweight todo list applications for installation in MindTouch.

    For advanced intiatives management, MindTouch offers an add-on which will let you take control of unruly corporate initiatives.

    Executive Dashboards

    MindTouch is ideal for creating mashups of information into dashboards. Built on top of DReAM, an open, technology-agnostic platform, you can integrate any system with MindTouch. This helps your team visualize and collaborate around data.

    Once you have a data source, use DekiScript to retrieve and mashup that data. You can mashup a wide array of data sources like bug reports, RSS feeds, or even image feeds.

    If you'd like something out of the box, MindTouch offers a prepackaged solution for executive dashboards of CRM data to create dynamic customer engagements.