User Development

    • DekiScript

      DekiScript is the safe lightweight scripting language used for rapid application development inside MindTouch. Try this in the editor to get started:

      Dynamic Templates

      Get started now! Use these sample to start your first DekiScript app today.

      1. Hello World
      2. Properties: User, Page and Site
      3. Native Functions

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    • API

      The MindTouch API exposes all the functionality of MindTouch through a REST-based API. Here are some sample endpoints: 

      1. {{"/pages/","This page's XML")}}
      2. {{"/users/","Your user's XML")}}
      3. {{"/pages/popular","Popular Pages XML")}}

      Learn more with our API documentation.

      MindTouch Extensions

      Here's a preview of the extensions on your MindTouch:

      1. Google
      2. RSS Feeds
      3. Flickr

      You can write your own extensions in any language, including PHP and C#.

    • Technical Documentation

      Using MindTouch to power your developer community? MindTouch has a solution for that.

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